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Sail and Archaeology

ail and Archaeology, might seem two parallel “touristic categories”, meant to live their own lives without the need to meet each other.

Vela Dream proposes this combination just in Campania Region, unique mix in the world of archaeology and natural beauties that develop along the 448 km of coastline. The beautiful Gulfs of Pozzuoli, Naples, Salerno, Policastro and no less wonderful islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida, harmoniously match archeological sites such as the templum of Serapis, Pompei, Oplontis, Herculaneum, Paestum, Velia.

Merging the sea and history

An organic proposal to combine sailing and archeology: a tourist package that blends a passion for the sea and sailing with an interest in archeology through an itinerary that includes sailing on sailboats, in the manner of ancient sailors , along the coasts of Campania with landing in the ports near the main archaeological sites and organized visit of the same.

The proposed Sailing and Archeology cruise includes check-in and boarding from the port of Agropoli on Saturdays at 5.00 pm; am I back on Friday? evening; disembarkation and check-out at 09.00 on Saturday.

Sail and Archaeology between nature and history | Oplonti - Vela Dream
Sail and Archaeology between nature and history | Temples of Paestum - Vela Dream


Day 1: embark 17:00 hrs
Day 2: visit to Paestum (for more information click HERE), dairy farm and Velia
Day 3: visit to Amalfi and its cathedral
Day 4: Ischia, visit to the Archaeological Museum
Day 5: Castellammare, visit to Pompeii
Day 6: visit to Ercolano and Oplonti
Day 7: day dedicated to Capri. Return to Agropoli in the evening

For groups as the pricelist of Vela Dream increased by 10%. The price includes transport to and from the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis, entry to sites through the card ARTECARD Campania, welcome dinner and a visit to a local dairy complex with tasting of typical products.
The price does not include: food, fuel, moorings in ports different from Agropoli, guides.
2) For cabin charters the cost per person is ? 695,00.
An extra of ? 75,00 is required?for cruises in the Period “A” (see PRICELIST page).
From the costs of the sailing and archeology program are excluded the price for the galley and the guides.

Accomodation on board:
For cabin charters accomodation in double cabins.
For single cabin accomodation there is a surcharge of 50% on single accomodation price.

from April to October.


For info, prices and reservations contact us by filling out the form below (or in the CONTACTS page) or by calling +393297711447.

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