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Sailboat winter storage

A particular aspect of the sailboat winter storage is definitely the control of the level of oil condition not only in the engine but also in the S-drive, the system that is used to transmit the rotation of the axis of the engine to the axis of propeller when they are not placed on the same alignment.
There are excellent references to perform, even for hobbyists,?the sailboat winter storage of you engines, such asthe manual for instructions for storage and launching of Volvo Penta found by clicking HERE.

Sailboat winter storage - Vela Dream
Sailboat winter storage | Emulsified oil - Vela Dream

A significant case

In the case below itis evident the importance ofperiodic checks to the engine and to the levels of oil and cooling water and generally to all levels ofequipment installed on board of the oils according tothe instructions to the manufacturer’s instructions. The occasion for carrying out winter maintenance, then, becomes a favorable, asin the case illustrated below, toresolve situations that if not immediately and with professionalism solvedcan lead to serious consequences and expensive repairs.

One of our clients, Marco, in the course of the working for the anti-vegetative treatment for winter maintenance ofhis sailboat, made at the Port ofAgropoli, asked for usto check the level and condition of oil in the S-drive.
We checked the oil inside of the S-Drive. The dipstick gave us information immediately very clear: there was something wrong, the oil was emulsified! Immediately we realize that the fishing line that was entangled in the propeller had done more damage than what could be expected.
Besides preventing the smooth rotation of the same, ithad damaged the sealing ring so that salt water had penetrated into the foot andit was mixed with the oil emulsifying it.

The repair

We have taken steps to remove the propeller, to remove the horizontal axis, to open the foot cap. Immediately itbegan to leak water and emulsified oilof a density that would not shame the coffee cream served at the bar.
The cleaning of all ducts was long and meticulous tomake sure that all the emulsified oil residues were taken away by the system.
The rest was simple: the oil seal replacement, axle and propeller replacement, complete replacementof oil, restart itand recheck the oil level, after completed the winter maintenance!

It went just fine to Marco: he found the competence and professionalism of the staff of Vela Dream who recently managed to resolve a situation that, differently, could cost several thousands of Euros!

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