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Sailboat management programs

Do you have the sailboat in mind, but you think it’s beyond your ability?
Do you think the management costs affect too much on your budget?
Do you have a passion for sailing, but you think your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a new boat?
Are you already owner of a sailboat, but you notice the little use it and have little time to take care of its maintenance and would like to reduce or completely
offset the cost of ownership of your boat
We of Vela Dream have the right answer to your needs. We will help you to realize your dream.
We will assist in the purchase of your sailboat proposing you a sailyacht management program that fits your needs, allowing you to significantly reduce the rate of your lease and at the same time to free yourself from the maintenance tasks.

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Sailboat management programs 2

Sailing boat management program with guaranteed monthly income

Through this management program we guarantee you a monthly income. This income is calculated in function of the boat that you selected and will help you pay the leasing installment. No running costs you will be charged, you will be granted an annual bonus of 8 points that correspond to weeks of use of the yacht for your holidays as specified below:
1 point corresponds to one week rental in April and October; 2 points correspond to a week in May, June, July and September; 3 points a week in August.

Sailboat management programs 3

Sailing boat management program with advance annuity

Your annuity in this case will be recognized immediately upon the purchase of the new boat subtracting the sum total (which would be due in six seasons management) from the selling price.
Some examples of annuity can be consulted at by clicking
HERE. Recognized points are equally 8 per year.

Sailboat management programs 2

Free sailboat management program

This program is primarily intended for those who already owned a sailboat. Entrust us your boat: we are professionals in sailing yacht maintenance! We will do all the work to keep it efficient. So you can use it whenever you want to, and we will utilize it for chartering during the spare time.
You are not guaranteed any income but we will grant for each boat charter contract concluded , the 60% of the net price of the contract itself. More free periods will grant it, the more will be the revenue.
We will retain only the costs of maintenance prior request your consent, the rest will become for you a profit.

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Customized sailing boat management program

We are willing to agree on a management program for your needs. You’ll let us know the time when we can use the boat for rental / lease and we’ll do the rest.
The routine maintenance, the winter storage, the complete management of customers etc. are all done by us. An agreed amount per month all-inclusive will be agreed, no surprises. Could your yacht require overtime work, these will be coordinated in advance with you: we will make them only upon your clearance.

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*Holiday package for sailing boats management

The holiday package allows you to take advantage of 3 weeks of vacation, plus 4 last-minute weeks and 6 winter weekends, on your boat or on boats of the same category in one of the bases connected to our distribution circuit all over the world.
The holiday package is paid exclusively in the “Future Delivery” formula.
It is paid in advance 8.75% of the value of the boat and 4.37% per year for the following 6 years in the mode to be agreed.

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