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ASTOI Guarantee Fund

Have you secured the booking and the tour package of your holiday?
Sailing with Vela Dream is even more reliable!

Organize you dream holiday with us and payments, including the advance, will be secured by ASTOI Fund.

As of 2017, all our contracts signed by “Holidays S.r.l.” (the partner Tour Operator of Vela Dream) are protected by ASTOI Guarantee Fund per la tutela del viaggiatore.

What is ASTOI Guarantee Fund?

The ASTOI Guarantee Fund (ASsociation of?Tour?Operators in?Italy)?is an Association formed on June 29, 2016 under Art. 14 C.C., under the auspices of CONFINDUSTRIA.

The purpose of the Fund is “to collect and manage the financial resources needed to cope with the total or partial failure of the tour package due to the insolvency or failure of the Tour Operator Member“:

  1. Refund of the price paid for the purchase of the tourist package;
  2. Immediate return.
ASTOI Fund Insurance - Vela Dream

What laws does the ASTOI Guarantee Fund refer to?

The Fund allows, in particular, the Tour Operator Members to comply with the norms of paragraphs 2 and 3, below, of Art. 50 of the Tourism Code, as last amended by Art. 9 of Law no. 115/2015.

  • Article 50, paragraph 2: In any case, organised tourism contracts can be assisted by insurance policies that, for travel abroad, guarantee the immediate return of the tourist due to emergencies attributable or not to the behaviour of the organiser or the intermediary, and which ensure the tourist assistance also of an economic type. Such policies may also guarantee, in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy of the intermediary or organiser, the reimbursement of the price paid for the purchase of the tourist package. Where the costs of assistance and return are incurred or anticipated by the competent public administration, the insurer shall make the reimbursement directly to him.
  • Article 50, paragraph 3: Organisers and intermediaries may be set up in consortia or other forms of association suitable to provide collectively, including through the establishment of a special fund (such as the ASTOI Guarantee Fund), to cover the risks referred to in paragraph 2. The purposes of this paragraph may also be pursued through direct involvement in consortia and other forms of association of undertakings and trade associations in the insurance sector, including by providing for forms of reinsurance.

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